Fashion Week At GMU

Bright neon, natural earth tones, exotic patterns and flowing fabrics graced the  DC Fashion Week runways — and now they’re walking the sidewalks of George Mason University.

Adorned in bright-blue skinny jeans from American Eagle and a neon-pink blazer from H&M, Allie Hunter, a 21-year-old junior and communication major from Baltimore, simulated Olga DeNogga’s structured designs and Favala’s stunning hues.

“I absolutely LOVED all of the bright colors at the International Couture fashion show,” said Hunter. “It got me in the mood for spring and summer almost instantly, so ever since, I’ve been trying to incorporate bright neon colors into my wardrobe.”

Jarrod Wadsworth, a 20-year-old senior and communication major from Fairfax, Va., was also recreating styles from DC Fashion Week to make them his own.

“I really liked Mason Sylvester; the designs were really retro and classic, but they managed to stay modern,” said Wadsworth, who is also a fashion blogger for CHAOS Magazine, an online fashion magazine.

“I’ve been taking some of the retro accents  he’s known to use, like vests,” said Wadsworth, showcasing his Gap charcoal vest, “and combining them in a way that’s more realistic for me to wear on a day-to-day basis.”

Wearing emerald-green feathered earrings from a DC thrift store and a turquoise crop-top from Forever21, Maite Rubio, a 20-year-old sophomore from Manassass, Va., is taking Pure Elegance Boutique’s Indian-inspired jewel tones and incorporating them into her own style.

“After I saw all of the Eastern-inspired dresses that were in these beautiful, rich colors,” said Rubio, “I wanted to use those colors and enhance my own style with them. That way I can still keep my own unique style while using designs on the runway for inspiration.”


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