“I Will Always Love You”

Read from the original blog: Mason Students React to Death of a Pop Star

“Oh, I wanna dance with somebody; I wanna feel the heat with somebody!” sings Whitney Houston on a flat-screen in the popular late-night dining establishment at Mason, Ike’s, as college students stare at the late pop-star while munching on six-inch pancakes and crinkle-cut fries.

“I remember singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ with my dad on car rides to school,” said Erin

Hoehl, a 21-year-old senior at Mason studying criminology and administration of justice who is from Essex Junction, Vt. “I’m sad that Whitney’s gone, but I am happy that she gave me some special memories just through her music.”

In her prime, Houston was No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts seven consecutive times – a musical record that no one else has beaten. Her death on February 11 was a shock to the world.

And on Mason’s campus, students remember Houston. In honor of her memory, Mason sophomore Amy Kerr is playing her albums all week.

“Every single one of my birthdays, until I was like 10, we had a karaoke challenge, and I would always sing Whitney Houston,” said Amy Kerr, a 19-year-old Mason sophomore from Alexandria, Va., studying conflict analysis. “It’s weird for me to think that she’s dead, especially since I went to one of her tour dates in Manchester, U.K., a few years back. There were a lot of rumors then about her bad health and drug abuse, but I never expected her to die.”

“She was such a great artist,” Kerr added. “There aren’t too many musicians anymore who had a true talent like Whitney did.”

And while some may be tired of the re-occurring news headlines updating the world about Houston’s untimely death, many are awaiting the news as to how and why Houston died.

“I just want to know the details,” said Hoehl, looking up at the flat-screen in Ike’s that is displaying Houston’s music video for “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” “I’m going to keep watching the news to see how else the story of how she died unfolds.”


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