Jason Wu Teaming Up With Target

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Target is notorious for teaming up with haute couture designers —  creating more affordable designs. The Missoni collection sold out in minutes — the latest designer is  Jason Wu, whose designs have been worn by Michelle Obama, Ivana Trump and January Jones.

Before now, Wu’s creations were out of reach for many Mason Students.

“I’m beyond excited to buy something from Jason Wu!” said Mary Kelly, a 20-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pa. a George Mason University sophomore studying history. “I feel like he’s young and up-to-date with what’s going on in the fashion world, and that really translates into his clothes.”

“Believe me,” Kelly said the week before the designs hit the store, “I’m going to be one of the first people at the doors when Target opens on Sunday.”

Wu quickly became the go-to designer for celebrities after his design for Michelle Obama’s inaugural dress was debuted in 2008. Ever since, his name has come up on red carpets everywhere.

“I absolutely adore Blake Lively’s style, and I’ve seen her wear a lot of Wu designs for red-carpet events,” said Regina Hechinger, a 21-year old Mason junior studying forensic science who is from Springfield, Va. “I’d love to be able to emulate her style when I’m out in D.C. with my friends or even just for class!”

Starting February 5, anyone can purchase a Wu design, and pull off the Lively-esque look, for the TV-infomercial price as $19.99. (The highest priced item is $59.99 — whereas his  Spring 2012 Collection that ranges in the thousands.)

There aren’t any fleecy items among Wu’s collection, yet the clothes still seem to be just as easy to throw on — a major bonus for the chronic snoozer and procrastinator.

“Wu’s dresses look like something I could just slip on with a pair of flats and run out the door. I could definitely get used to that,” said Kelly, who admits to waking up 10 minutes before class begins and throwing on a pair of yoga pants.

“I’m going to be at Target Sunday morning for sure,” said Hechinger, matter-of-factly. “I doubt the lines could be any worse than Black Friday and I’m ready to spend some money — but not too much, of course!”

Kelly and Hechinger, along with many other eager Mason students, managed to make it through the doorways of their local Target on Sunday morning, and fought there way to the check-out lines.

“I didn’t expect it to be SO packed!” said Kelly, remembering Sunday morning. “People were friendly and they didn’t really push or shove a whole lot, but there were a few who were really rude at check-out. I felt so bad for this one cashier!”

Heschinger bought a bunch of basics and lots of accessories, she says.

“My favorite purchase is probably my new Jason Wu handbag,” she said. “I can’t wait to use it!”


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