Fashion Week At GMU

Bright neon, natural earth tones, exotic patterns and flowing fabrics graced the  DC Fashion Week runways — and now they’re walking the sidewalks of George Mason University.

Adorned in bright-blue skinny jeans from American Eagle and a neon-pink blazer from H&M, Allie Hunter, a 21-year-old junior and communication major from Baltimore, simulated Olga DeNogga’s structured designs and Favala’s stunning hues.

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The Washington D.C. Police Foundation

Jump to page 50 of Washington FAMILY Magazine’s July 2012 issue and read the article as it looks in print!

The Washington DC Police Foundation is an organization not only fighting crime, but they are helping children realize their potential, are keeping them safe and keeping their communities safe. From fighting drug abuse to aiding kids affected by traumatic experiences, the Foundation is increasing its presence in the DC area step by step to foster a better relationship between the Metropolitan Police Department and the community.

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The Autism Society

The Autism Society, comprised of parents and professionals, wants to make sure that individuals with autism, their families and professionals have the resources and support system needed in order to learn how to live with autism, a complex developmental disability that affects a person’s communication and social skills.

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D.C. Area’s La Leche League

Could you imagine being a nursing mother in the 1940s? There were strict feeding schedules, a lack of information and a lot of misinformation about breastfeeding, and worst of all: too many new mothers were not receiving the support they desperately needed. Thank goodness for the new technology, science and support offered in the 2000s, but a lot of information and support for breastfeeding mothers would not be as readily available if weren’t for La Leche League and the seven mothers who founded it.

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